Noun phrases and adjective prepositional phrases

Today it is time to put the knowledge into action. I highly recommend you, a reader, try to write your own sentences. You may check may check them out at Ginger, interesting software – an automatic proof-reader.

Peter's older sister from the lovely scenic countryside in Yorkshire in England is a retired teacher of English.

Let’s analyse this sentence; firstly, it is a simple sentence with one independent clause.

Peter’s old sister – a noun phrase with a noun: sister and modifiers: Peter’s (possessive noun) and old (adjective); from the lovely scenic countryside – an adjectival prepositional phrase modifying ‘sister’ (from where) which is followed by two adjectival prepositional phrases in Yorkshire in England, which modify ‘countryside’.

from the lovely scenic countryside – starts with a preposition 'from' of an object: ‘countryside’, a noun preceded by two adjectives, its modifiers.

The subject of this sentence is ‘sister’ with the main verb ‘is’, which is a linking verb, thus a noun phrase ‘a retired teacher’ is a noun phrase acting as a subject complement modified by another prepositional phrase: of English.

Instead of a short and boring sentence: ‘Peter’s sister is a teacher.’, we have quite a long sentence, depicting Peter’s sister’s location and profession in one, but more sophisticated sentence, which sounds more interesting.

That tall, grey-haired lady in a beige pair of breeches with a brownish and yellow checked sport jacket is a retired teacher of English from the lovely scenic countryside in Yorkshire in England.

If you can create another sentence, adding the information that our lady is also a sister of Peter, please let me know. 

In the sentence above there are: a noun phrase, two adjectival prepositional phrases, a linking verb, a subject complement, followed by four adjectival prepositional phrases. And only one comma.

Now, your turn, dear reader, and please share your sentences with others. 


Jolanta Fallach said…
Thank you, Peter; my next project is to master English articles.
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