Physical metaphors

Parts of a metaphor
The metaphor comes in two main parts: a tenor and a vehicle.
The tenor is a subject of a metaphor and a vehicle is a concept giving the tenor another dimension.
Tenor and its vehicle are connected by a connecting word, mainly by a verb 'to be'.

She is a rock.
Tenor - she
Vehicle - rock
A connecting word - is
Dimension - concept, idea, characteristics of the rock (strong, stable, fundament etc)

Physical metaphors

Metaphors and things


Making the concept concrete.
She was looking for true love.  (We cannot really see love, we feel it.)
He grasped the idea. (Again, the idea is something abstract, it may be understood, but not really grasped.)


When a concept is given the human characteristics. 
Justice is blind.
His energy was burning
His frustration ate him. 


When an object serves as a whole or the whole as an object.
She is the brain in the office. (She is the most intelligent, not only her brain.)
I like football. (not just a ball but the sport, the league ..)
It's the police! (when a single policeman comes)
I drive a Mercedes. (only one car branded that name)


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