Have you ever heard about MOOC? This stands for Massive Open Online Courses accessible for free for everyone that has the Internet. Absolutely wonderful idea, as for me, and I may only wish to have more time to learn and learn. 
Here is one of them: Exploring English: Language and Culture prepared by the British Council, and here what I have learnt so far from it.

There are a few expression I have barely used: in the sense that, in a geographic sense, in terms of and their usage from the course:

This laptop is much more expensive than that one but in terms of performance and reliability, they’re quite similar.

English spelling can be difficult, in the sense that letters are not always pronounced the same way.

The event was successful in terms of visitor numbers, but we didn’t make a lot of money

Canada is bigger than Brazil in a geographical sense, but Canada’s population is smaller.

My post on technology, learning English and new expressions: 
I started to learn English as an adult, for my own pleasure. I was not very talented in languages, I could read at the intermediate level, but my listening and speaking skill were at the terribly low level. I bought the audio cassettes with the text written down that I could listen to and read many times. I did some English courses but without significant success; it was not until I discovered podcast and skype that my English really soared up. I think that learning English may be difficult in the sense that native speakers speak far too fast for the beginners. On the other hand, learning is much easier nowadays in a geographic sense: the Internet brought English to our home.


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