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Grammar can be fun

I have found this picture on Google+, which is the rich resource for learners of English. There are public groups, which help people connect with others with the same interest, short quizzes and the growing conversational community. I have also noticed that more and more people choose Google+ over Facebook and even Skype. Google+ has inbuilt handout: with a chat box for private and group conversation and a voice conference, again private and public. One may add someone choosing from a few categories of the circles, controlling who and what can see on your personal website. Managing a group is easy and enjoyable, as well as sharing the interesting things, discovered on someone else's page. A group can be made public or private, and some of them focus on proper grammar! That is, they ridicule every single grammar mistake found on the Internet. 
I like the idea presents in the picture: grammar can be interesting and creative, as well as funny. My jokes:  A noun phrase walks into a ba…