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Text analysis - the headline and picture (for GCSE English)

GCSE English - question 2: Explain how the headline and picture are effective and how they link to the text. 

The title of the article is big and informative, indicating that the article is based on scientific research, and not going to play on emotions. There are two facts that concern the author: life expectancy and the gap between rich and poor. The huge picture with the building of Bank of England dominates the page, implying that social inequalities are reflected in how long a person is going to live.

The picture of a bank usually means money and problems, the picture of the Bank of England indicates that the nation has been in financial troubles. The researchers from the Imperial College London warn that increasing life expectancy will be 'putting further pressure on pensions, health and social services'.

Two groups of people are represented in the picture: the rich by the huge legs, crossing from the left and the poor by a small figurine of a man walking away, being see…

Hope is the thing with feathers on

This is a title of  a wonderful Emily Dickinson's poem about Hope, which I have found on a website called Genius. There is nothing special that I found this poem, as there are many websites publishing poetry, as many (some free) publishing the analyses of famous works, too. What makes this website special are annotations, and the motto of the founders 'to annotate the world'. They started with annotating rap songs a few years ago, but nowadays there are not only songs: the website offers annotations to poems, novels and even contemporary articles. And I think that this idea is amazing and highly educational.

Imagine, there is a text, you click on the word or the thought - a box pops up with information on the text, with the meaning of the idea, connotations, pictures, videos and links, and even more. And now imagine that you have, say, a poem and everything inside, needed to understand it, is linked and, therefore, leads you from one thought or source to another and anothe…