Analyzing the headline and picture 2

Here is another article, this time from The Independent.

1. How is the headline effective?
The headline does not dominate the page but it uses statistic what make the text seem informative, authoritative and scary; it uses two key word: 'alleged' and 'on the beat'. It informs us that the policemen are not find guilty so far, but accused of brutality towards the public. 'On the beat' makes a kind of pun because of the multiple meanings of the word 'beat'. Here, the members of the Police are still on duty, and if they are barbaric, they still can beat innocent people.

2. How is the picture effective?
The picture dominates the page. It shows the police forces in full gear during rioting; there is the fire in the background. The policemen look very powerful, the army of men trained to fight with those who are dangerous to the public life and property. In the picture black colour dominates, what represents the police, but with the yellow and red blazes it makes the contrast, also indicating the colours of the skin of minorities. Black colour is gloomy and depressing.

(I could be more explicit and say that the picture looks like from the war zone or a civil war movie.)

3. How do they link to the text?
The author says that 'just 2 percent' 'of the officers under investigation' is 'suspended or put on restricted duties'. The text mentions the protests in Baltimore and Ferguson in the US which were driven by the brutality of the police towards ethnic minorities. Later on, the author presents the statistics about the British reality, saying that the Met and West Midland have the highest rate of the police assault investigations. The author concludes that even though 'British police have generally (...) a better reputation', 'there are concerns' that the police in some communities 'are losing trust' in the police. The biggest trust problems have the minorities: the Black and Asian people, what indicates that racism is the reason why some officers 'abuse their power'. In parts the article, looking like a report is not clear - the picture can be taken everywhere, and maybe this is the hidden message. We do not want to have here another Baltimore, so we should try to prevent it.


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