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Vocabulary - to suffice

This verb is of vital importance to give our English a tone of sophistication.
Meaning 1: be enough or adequate.
a quick look should suffice
two examples should suffice to prove the contention

Examples: I think a diet rich in fruit and veg should suffice to obtain enough of these nutrients.
The time you have spent in prison suffices as punishment enough.
The medical reports from Clinton’s and Trump’s personal physicians do not suffice.
A real-world example suffices to illustrate why I believe this is of vital importance today.

Notice: instead of saying that something is important, say that it is of vital importance - another tone of sophistication. :)

Meaning 2: meet the needs of; requires an object. Examples: The town had few amenities but they sufficed the local population.
At first, a stepladder sufficed us, but soon an aluminium extension ladder was required for the higher fruit picking.

Phrases: suffice (it) to say Used to indicate that one is saying enough to make one's mea…